Thursday, 25 June 2015

An ode to Drake 150's shrimp sandwich

This has nothing to do with tax or succession planning but with the execution of a simple shrimp sandwich executed by the chefs at Drake 150 - a restaurant here in Toronto. The sandwich which I try to have at least once a week takes me back to my childhood where my mother as a medical doctor was often gifted with boxes of prawns from the Atlantic ocean from her patients who worked at American owned fishing company SAIL.

Although my mother is still working in Suriname - I am not certain whether SAIL is still in existence or whether she is still gifted boxes of prawns. The prawns / shrimp from the Atlantic ocean have this taste which farmed shrimp from South East Asia could never achieve. As an FYI - the difference between prawns and shrimp is the placement of the gills.

It is difficult here in Toronto to buy shrimp/prawns like this unless one treks to the St. Lawrence Market which is a food paradise but which is difficult for me to make time - work, dogs, children, husband, garden ..... As such I am grateful that Drake is nearby my office. I finally asked today the origin of the shrimp/prawn and found out that it was the Pacific ocean. Now I can only hope that the sandwich survives the mandatory menu change which happens ever so often does not do away with my sandwich.

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